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Wellness Resources

Peaceful Waters. It’s not just a name or wishful thinking. It’s a mission. It was the birthright spoken over me as an infant and it’s what I strive to bring to each of the families who welcome me as their doula.

It’s also what I want to bring to the world of pregnancy, child birth, and parenting resources. You have a million options when you look for perspectives in this area, and I want to offer some that have been tested, proven, and found reliable. I strive to be a peaceful stream alternative to the often conflicting information surrounding childbirth.


At-Home Prenatal Exercise- Lamaze
Advanced Maternal Age- Evidence Based Birth

Body Ready Method
Due Dates- Evidence Based Birth
Expecting Better by Emily Oster


Birth Positions- Evidence Based Birth

Body Ready Method
Doulas- Evidence Based Birth
Induction or C-Section for Big Babies- Evidence Based Birth
Six Healthy Birth Practices- Lamaze
Water Birth- Evidence Based Birth


Discussions with the Corporate Doula with Averjill Rookwood
The Birth Partner by Penny Simkin

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