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Your Pandemic Pregnancy

Originally posted November 12, 2020

The prenatal to postpartum journey is generally a big freaking deal. Whether you’re a first time parent, having your fourth, or an invested friend or family member, preparing to welcome a new little human into the world is a process and experience laden with significance. This journey is important. Your experience is special. The creation your body is doing is monumental.

None of that changes now that we’re (still) fighting a worldwide pandemic.

Your pregnancy is still a miraculous (and demanding) journey. Birth is still best accomplished on your terms, in an environment where you feel calm and supported. You still deserve the best birth you can imagine, with supportive people around you, and the knowledge to make decisions for yourself.

Hearing your stories of attending appointments on your own, cancelling your baby showers because of yet another lock down, sitting alone in waiting rooms, having to choose between your partner and your mum on your hospital guest list, sending Zoom conference invites so your family can meet your newborn, I feel for you. I’m also hugely impressed.

You have been making the most of this experience and cherishing it, even though it’s nothing like you hoped or imagined. You’ve been creative and flexible in getting what you want. You’ve made your pregnancy the very best it could be, in spite of everything.

Here’s your daily reminder: You are simply incredible.

Peaceful Waters Birth Services is currently offering in-person birth doula services, and virtual childbirth education classes. Virtual birth doula services are also available at a reduced rate for individuals who are unable to have additional support members at their births.

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